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Garden Decking

Timber decking is a warm and natural solution offering a beautiful extension to your home and enhancing any garden.

There are many types of garden decking on the market which include:-

  • Softwood decking
  • Hardwood decking
  • Slip resistant decking

Whether you choose decking on it’s own, or to compliment a paved or turfed area, your garden deck can be built in any shape or size whether it’s raised or flat, geometrical or curved, single or multi-levels …the choice is yours.

Ballustrades provide a safe surround to your deck without any compromise to the look, whether it’s timber, steel, aluminium or metal, with glass panels or traditional wooden spindles, it will really give your garden deck personality.

To ensure your deck structure provides years of trouble free life it needs careful planning and design along with good quality materials and workmanship. All of our garden decks are built to last, constructed to specification and only using high quality pressure treated timber.

Introducing decking lighting really can add the finishing touches to your deck with subtly toned lights or striking colours with motion effects.

Please browse through some of our decking projects and if you would like to discuss your ideas simply give us a call or complete our customer enquiry form

Garden Maintenance

Beautiful lawns, planted borders and structured hedges really enhance your garden, however finding the time to maintain the garden can be challenging with busy lives and the our desire to spend more quality time with family and friends.

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Garden Features

Why not introduce a feature to your garden, this can add interest or simply create a variation to your existing garden design. Whether it’s a water feature, a summer house or a quiet seat in the garden there are many features to choose from.

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Many things affect the way we live our lives today and what we want from our garden. Today’s garden is very much an extension of our family living space, a place for relaxation, entertaining and enjoyment.

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