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Garden Features

Why not introduce a feature to your garden, this can add interest or simply create a variation to your existing garden design. Whether it’s a water feature, a summer house or a quiet seat in the garden there are many features to choose from.

Garden features can enhance the most basic of gardens; how about introducing a terrace or patio in a quiet area of your garden for winding down in after a busy day? Or perhaps you’d like to introduce a scented border or build an architectural scheme out of your favourite plants.

KJAM ponds & gardens can advise on and help bring your garden feature ideas to life. With over 25 years experience we know what will suit and what will work well in your garden.

Raised Planters

Raised planters are becoming a staple in the garden, whether to accommodate “growing your own” vegetables and fruit or simply making it easier to tend to your plants and flowers in raised beds.

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Ponds & Water Features

Nothing can quite transform a garden like a pond or water feature. Whether it’s a quiet pond or a dramatic water fall, water works its magic in any garden and can provide a real focal point.

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Pergolas, Arbours & Arches

Arches are a versatile way of introducing height and interest to your garden. Used as an elegant gateway, to link one area of the garden to another or as a beautiful frame to an urn, fountain or statue. They can also provide decorative support for climbing plants such as clematis, honeysuckle and roses.

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Summer Houses and Sheds

A summer house is a lovely addition to the garden, not only does it present a wonderful focal point but also offers a sheltered spot to sit, relax and enjoy the view of your garden.

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Garden Lighting

Make the most of your garden with well placed outdoor lighting and enjoy your garden all year round.

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